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Linked Data

ChemSpider's RDF is delivered following the principles of Linked Data. Linked Data is a way of interconnecting data published on the web.

Every ChemSpider compound (excluding those that have been deprecated), has its own URI. This URI can also be used in a HTTP request to retrieve the RDF data:


The structure of ChemSpider RDF is defined by the following ontology modules:

Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets (VoID)

A description of ChemSpider's RDF is specified in VoID.

Identifier Endpoint

The ChemSpider Identifier endpoint can be used to retrieve RDF using an Identifier. Currently supported identifiers are as follows:

Note: Identifiers must be URL encoded.

The output from the Identifier Endpoint will be either:

Search Endpoint

The ChemSpider Search endpoint can be used to perform a ChemSpider Simple Search using a Search Term.

Note: Search Terms must be URL encoded.

The output from the Search Endpoint will be either:

SPARQL Endpoint

Coming soon! - Currently under development, all ChemSpider's public RDF data will be accessible using the query language SPARQL at ChemSpider's SPARQL Endpoint. More details will be available here when the software is released.